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Understanding Cryptocurrency

A Guide to the Risk and Opportunity of Digital Money What is cryptocurrency? In late 2009, the financial world was revolutionized with the invention of Bitcoin, the first successful cryptocurrency. […]

Exchange Traded Funds 101

There are several options for investment beyond individual stocks and bonds. One such option is the ETF or exchange-traded fund. These types of investments have been around since 1993, but […]

Mutual Funds 101

A big buzzword for investing is diversity. With mutual funds, the diversity is baked right in! A mutual fund is an investment vehicle made up of a pool of money […]

Bonds 101

While stocks involve buying a piece of a company to share in its profits, bonds actually represent debt. A government, corporation, or other entity that needs to raise cash borrows […]

Is an ETF better than a Mutual Fund?

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) hold an advantage over mutual funds. ETFs are similar in that shareholders of both will pay any tax due on the income, dividends and short-term capital gains […]

How are mutual funds taxed?

Whenever a mutual fund company passes earnings and other payouts to shareholders, they are known as a distribution.  The tax treatment of these distributions varies depending on the type of […]