Planned Giving Scorecard

Are you poised to take your organization’s giving program to the next level? Do you wonder if you are ready to begin or, perhaps, improve upon your efforts in ensuring your place within your best donors’ legacies? What are the indicators you should be seeking within your organization to accomplish this task?

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The tools to answer these questions are within your grasp. Ambassador Advisors is pleased to offer our exclusive Planned Giving Scorecard. This online assessment tool can be easily completed by your executive staff, development staff, board members, and other select individuals to efficiently evaluate your readiness to embark on a new-—or to advance your current-—planned giving program.

From your group’s answers to less than 25 easy-to-understand questions, we can chart your nonprofit’s perceptions about, preparedness for, and potential to succeed with a planned giving program. As a bonus, we will share how your organization compares to other nonprofits in the region. This benchmarking will be an additional way we can help you evaluate your potential for success.

After an analysis and presentation of the results gathered through the Planned Giving Scorecard, we will craft recommendations that correspond to your current strengths and challenges. From these outcomes and conversations, we can customize a planned giving program and action plan to fit your needs and goals.

The Planned Giving Scorecard is part of our Base Support Package.