Planned Giving Strategy

Often, organizations are not equipped to maximize non-cash gifts, so Ambassador Advisors provides stewardship advice that delivers maximum ministry results. Gone are the days when you can simply roll out an occasional campaign and people will offer the cash to meet your need. Planned giving development requires a constant marketing effort, because your organization must be in the forefront of the public’s mind when they decide to make a charitable donation. Ambassador Advisors offers the expertise your nonprofit needs to capitalize on the wealth of gifts available…helping your nonprofit pursue its mission generously.

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Biblical Financial Education that Inspires Generosity

Ambassador Advisors is a faith-based Christian financial education partner to dozens of nonprofit organizations just like yours. Our mission of empowering Biblical stewardship calls us to extend our team’s wisdom to help build future sustainability for ministries doing the Lord’s work. For more than thirty years, we’ve helped 3,000 clients Do More® with their finances. It has been an honor and a personal blessing to me to serve as a Christian financial planner. Our team’s integrity, transparency, and Biblically responsible investment portfolio have supported many fellow Christians, as they serve the Lord better through mindful, intentional stewardship.

Ambassador Advisors offers tools and unique experience to educate your donors about Christian stewardship, opening their eyes to God’s plan for Biblically responsible finances. Ambassador executes a multi-generational approach; our tools and tactics inspire the donors of tomorrow with the vision and heart that the donors of today already carry. This opens their eyes to the knowledge that they can give more than they ever imagined—to their heirs, their church, and beloved ministries like yours.